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Best Gaming Loungewear for Kids

Best Gaming Loungewear for Kids

There's nothing better than a lazy day gaming. Just ask any kid! Kids Onesies is all about providing the ultimate kid's loungewear for sale, including sleeping gowns and more, perfect for long gaming sessions. Learn all about the epic gamer loungewear we offer for kids and adults alike in time for the next epic gaming event below!

Our Gaming Loungewear Collection

Kids Onesies is home to over 25 epic gaming loungewear pieces and accessories for sale. From our Game Over! Pattern collection to our boys and girls gaming fleece throws. Our gaming collection also includes our brand new Oodies for kids and adults! Here are just a few of our favourite picks from our complete gaming loungewear collection.

Gaming Console Fleece Onesie

Look no further than this awesome fleece onesie for sale for any joystick expert or PlayStation pro. This onesie features an all-over print of various gaming controllers. This print is high quality and sits atop a gorgeous navy blue colour. The two-way zip upfront of this onesie is highly practical, and the two pockets are deep enough to hold replacement batteries, controllers and gaming snacks!

Boys Gaming Fleece Oodie Wearable Blanket

The Oodie is our latest and greatest addition to our gaming loungewear lineup! The comfort of a fleece blanket, in a hoodie form factor! The toasty sleeves of this oodie are perfect for keeping arms warm during long gaming sessions. In addition, this oodie features one deep pocket that can hold many snacks alongside a comfy hood for maximum gaming comfort.

This oodie features an all-over print featuring a gaming control, pixel art and a battery symbol, covering all aspects of gaming fun!

Game Over! Print Dressing Gown

We recommend our awesome Game Over for the gamer girl who wants to stay comfortable during long gaming sessions! Dressing gown in a gorgeous pink colour. This fleece hooded dressing gown has a top-quality all-over print that says "Game Over!", something you'll never see with the power of this dressing gown" Available in sizes from 9 to 15. This is the perfect gaming companion for any girl looking to climb the leaderboards in comfort and style!

This design is also available on a fleece blanket throw and in a grey and green design for a more gender-neutral look.


This is a small selection of the fantastic kids gaming loungewear we offer at Kids Onesies. To explore our full range of gaming dressing gowns, onesies and more we offer, click here. For more style guides like this one, explaining more about our awesome collection of kids loungewear for sale, don't forget to check out more blogs like this one. Finally, click here to explore our entire collection of unique kids loungewear at Kids Onesies.

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