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Thunder the Covers: Top Onesies for Rainy Days

Thunder the Covers: Top Onesies for Rainy Days

Here in the UK, every season brings plenty of rainy days. Every couple of weeks brings more and more to do, but when the drizzle starts it’s time to snuggle indoors. Kids Onesies is home to a vast array of supersoft onesies for little ones and adults alike! Today, we’ll walk you through our top picks for gorgeous onesies that are perfect for making rainy days indoors that much better.

Kids Shark Onesie

Escape the “Jaws” of boredom with this awesome shark onesie! Let your child pretend to be a menace in the sea when the sky turns grey with the awesome 3D Teeth and fin on the hood. The embroidered eyes give a mischievous look, perfect for swimming around the living room looking for the next target to cuddle. Combine all these awesome animal features with super soft fleece fabric that’s simply perfect for snuggling and you have an amazing choice for rainy days!

Kids Fleece Onesie

Rainy days are often lazy days. If your little one is a bit bigger, preferring a gaming day over a day of games, we can wholeheartedly recommend this comfy and understated fleece onesie. This onesie is available in sizes from 9-15 years old in a gorgeous deep blue. The fit is baggy and comfortable, with copious amounts of room in the deep side pockets. This onesie is also available in men’s sizes, turning rainy days into a matching onesie fashion show!

Flamingo Onesies For Children

Fun fact, flamingos can detect rain from up to 300 miles away and are keen fans of the wet season. Whilst our human forecasts are usually a little less accurate, letting your little one dress up in this adorable flamingo onesie can make our rainy days feel as fun as a flamingo’s! This onesie features a 3D flamingo beak on the hood, alongside sleepy embroidered eyes and a delightful contrast colour tummy in the shape of a love heart. Combine all this with a gorgeously bright neon coral colour on the supersoft fleece fabric and you have a truly amazing piece for rainy days.

Pug Dog Sleep Mask | Sleep Mask For Kids

Stormy nights can be scary for younger kids. Whilst not a onesie, this unisex pug sleep mask is perfect for making thunder and lightning a little less frightening. The comfortable elasticated strap ensures this is a one-size-fits-all piece that’s perfect for the whole family, with a super breathable fleece fabric that blocks light whilst remaining comfortable.

We hope this guide has shown you the perfect choices for the whole family during the rainy days ahead. We have a wide range of animal and character onesies available for sale on our site for little ones and adults alike. Browse our amazing range of Kids Onesies today.

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