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Which animal onesie are you?

Which animal onesie are you?

Have you ever wondered which animal onesie in our selection would be just right for you? Well, that would obviously have a lot to do with the type of animal that you really are, deep down. Or, at least, the type of animal you would be if some wizard waved a magic wand and transformed you on the spot.

Here are some ideas that can help you figure out which animal onesie is right for you.


Dalmatians are great, energetic, and friendly dogs that just can’t help but get on with everyone and have a great time. They love to jump and play with their friends, and they are always happy and excited to wake up and start each new day. If you love having fun, are always looking on the bright side, and have lots and lots of energy that you just don’t know what to do with, it may be that you’re a bit of a Dalmatian deep down.


Tigers are the kings and queens of the jungle – they are brave, strong, and they are always ready for an adventure, no matter what. Other animals may prefer to stay in their familiar hideouts, relax, and play around. But tigers are always wandering around looking for the next big adventure and the next exciting discovery. If you’re a tiger, you are probably one of the bravest and most outgoing of all your friends, and you love the idea of trying new things and living an exciting life.


Flamingos are fancy and elegant – and there’s just no other way to put it. These birds have poise, elegance, and sophistication – just as if they were the ballerinas of the bird world. If you asked the flamingos, they would probably tell you that they’re really royalty, whether the other animals recognise it or not. If you like the finer things in life and you always want to be classy, stylish, and elegant, the flamingo is an animal that you may just have a lot in common with.


It would be very difficult indeed to find any other animals as smart, wily, cunning, and creative as the fox. These proud and quick-witted creatures may not be the biggest members of the animal kingdom, but they know how to think on their feet, and they can move around so fast you might not even notice them there. If you are really good at coming up with interesting and smart ideas, and always think of creative ways to do things that other people may never have even imagined, you might be a fox.


Do you hear that noise? That booming roar, and those heavy footsteps? it sounds like a dinosaur is on the way! There are no other animals out there as strong as a dinosaur. These great lizards are a force of nature, and they do things their way. No one smart would be likely to mess with a dinosaur or get in their way. Don’t let their ferocious looks or their size fool you, though. Dinosaurs are often good-natured and happy to live and let live. Just don’t try to push them around.

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